The data ecosystem has many concepts common to all sectors and industries, but sector-specific experience is beneficial.

At DATASOFI, we strive for excellence in every project, not only through our knowledge of the technologies we work with. Knowing the industries we work in helps us to plan projects, focus on areas that may present the greatest opportunities, and where the most value is generated.

Below are some of the sectors we have worked in, along with some of the unique points that make them stand out. But don’t hesitate to contact us regardless of the sector you work in.

Healthcare and medical care

Healthcare companies do not operate in the same way as companies that manufacture products. In addition to the confidential and delicate nature of personal data, the analysis of data that can be performed goes far beyond.

The statistical data derived from activity records in healthcare centers can be of great value for research and study. A good analysis can help centers to be prepared to face future challenges, treat patients better, size up the specialties of healthcare personnel, and even reach insights that can be published in specialized sector journals.

Consumer goods FMCG

Controlling the margins of each product line, the price curve, always having the 4Ps as a central element, or understanding customer behavior is essential in the consumer sector.

When your clients are experts in data analysis, the best way to make the right decisions is by knowing your market position better than anyone else. Sales teams spend a lot of time analyzing market share, prices, and promotions. A data processing system and good Business Intelligence reports can help teams spend more time with the client and accelerate the search for insights that will lead them to make the right decisions. We have experience in transforming business reports such as daily sales, market data analysis like Nielsen’s, promotional and assortment analysis, etc.


The logistics teams are experts in data within the company. Cents are to them what millions are to financial teams.

Logistics and operations are sectors that are present in a large part of companies. And it’s a sector that moves with both fuel and data. Optimizing delivery routes, finding ways to fill trucks, calculating the cost of delivering a box to each client worked with, and seeking ways to reduce these costs are part of the daily work. At Datasofi, we have experience in all these topics and more.

In recent years, calculating the company’s environmental footprint, which largely includes measuring emissions derived from logistics, has become increasingly important. Types of vehicles, distances, and weights allow us to create models that fit the needs of our clients.


At DATASOFI, technology is our comfort zone. We have always been close to technology teams and are familiar with the processes and responsibilities they handle.

The implementation of new technological solutions for many companies goes through the technology department. In some cases, it will be the technology team that leads and manages the day-to-day of the project. Other times, it will be the team that keeps the project alive and they must be involved in the design of the solution to understand it in detail. In any case, it is important for technology experts to be well acquainted with the solutions implemented in the company, and the more they can be involved, the more successful the project is likely to be during development and to ensure its future success.


We have experience in all areas of business: sales, marketing, finance, supply chain, etc.

The majority of projects we undertake combine expertise in data technologies with business knowledge: business intelligence, machine learning, data engineering. Using our experience in consulting and in various companies, along with our expertise in data, all we need is to talk to you to listen to your needs, jointly outline a plan, and follow it step by step until completing the project successfully for your company.

Feel free to present your case, and we will analyze it with complete transparency.


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