ChatGPT VS Mistral

I have compared the results of summarizing an article using ChatGPT versus Mistral, an open-source LLM that can be downloaded and used for free. No internet connection required!

ChatGPT – The usual

The article is the same as the one I used on Monday, and this is how ChatGPT summarized it (summary in 50 words, although it has made 119 words):
The author reflects on a transformative journey influenced by books From the routine of commuting from a town to work to changes in perspectives, philosophy led to logic and critical thinking The book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” changed the way people think about money, highlighting the importance of financial education. “The Selfish Gene” changed perspectives on altruism and faith The “Expert Disillusionment” occurred in the professional field. “Crucial Conversations” taught active listening. “Thinking, Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman challenged beliefs in human rationality. Stories, highlighted in “Sapiens,” are considered crucial, and the author aspires to be a good father, influenced by the importance of education according to his mother.

Mistral – Open source, free, offline (in my case)

And here is how Mistral does it (I requested 50 words and got an 80 word answer):
The article explores the “curse of knowledge,” where people who know a lot about a topic may have difficulty communicating effectively with those who are not as familiar with the topic. The curse refers to the tendency of people to underestimate the amount of knowledge needed to understand what they’re saying, which can lead to misunderstandings or mistakes. The article highlights the importance of being aware of this tendency and adapting our communication accordingly.

A human

Here is my summary (in 68 words): The author started with an inferiority complex at work, studied more than his colleagues and became an expert, but things were not going as well as he wanted, he was arrogant and unbearable. He had exchanged his inferiority complex for a superiority complex. Conversations with senior people make him see this problem and he rethinks his life, starting by listening more and improving effective communication.

You can be your own judge to which one seems to be the better one. I was surprised to see that Mistral was closer to what I expected than ChatGPT.
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